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Why Does Civil/Commercial Mediation Work Better Than Court

To answer this question we first need to understand what the term “mediation” refers to. Mediation is simply a method used to solve disputes between two or more parties. People may turn to mediation to resolve their disputes because of the structure and professionalism involved that may not be found with ordinary negotiation. You can almost think of the mediator as a counsellor between a husband and wife who are disputing. This is what civil/commercial mediation is. A mediator in a room with the disputers who allows all parties to have a fair and equal say in the matter. This type of mediation can be over in less than a day. Sometimes it may take longer depending on how complicated the issue is.

What are the benefits of civil and commercial mediation?

Choosing civil and commercial mediation as a means of settling your disputes is beneficial as it allows all parties to be open and honest as everything said is confidential. This allows people to get everything off their chests and speak without holding anything back.

Having a mediator also allows new ideas and solutions to be introduced that the parties may have not thought of. Mediators are professionally trained so they often offer valuable advice and solutions that the disputers may have not thought of.

The mediator has no control of the final outcome like a judge in the court would. So if the parties don’t agree with the mediator’s views and opinions they have the option to disregard particular suggestions.

So that brings us to the question of why does civil and commercial mediation work better than court? Well as mentioned previously, this type of mediation allows all parties to come to a mutual decision. If a dispute was to be taken to court, the judge could decide on an outcome that both parties aren’t happy with. The disputers would be wishing they never took matters to court in the first place if this happened!